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In January 2013 the company decided, while keeping its feet firm in the tradition of craftsmanship, to project itself strongly in the future following the evolution of the market.

And from this moment for B&C started a process of change and strengthening, which combines the tradition of craftmanship and realisation of samples of the new know-how in design, modeling and working in a variety of different materials such as leather, textiles, and coconut and fine materials.



It's a perfect unification and fusion of maestry and new generation within this family company, old and new experiences of the highest level, which make of B&C a society able to offer the most complete range of  services.


Tools and skills for the benefit of the luxury brand that already operate, or start to enter the field of leather goods and handbags in particolar.




Registred and operating office: Via Fiorentina 19, 50063, Figline Valdarno, Florence, Italy

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